Postpartum Pack

Focusing on maternal mental health during the perinatal period is incredibly important to combatting postpartum depression. New parents often forget about themselves as they embrace their new role as caregiver. It’s important that we normalize the depth of emotional access that these transitions introduce us to, and how that deserves support.

Pictured are contents in Postpartum Pack

The postpartum pack aims to curb the possibility of postpartum depression by providing supplies specifically for the new parent.

Contents include:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for a moment of solitude and perinatal recovery.
  • Incontinence Underwear for lochia discharge and comfort postpartum.
  • Protein rich snacks for sustenance and energy. 
  • A Peri-Spray that can be sprayed directly on the perineum or the pad of the incontinence underwear to relieve discomfort.
  • A postcard reminding the new parent to honor that they are on a new journey too. 

If you’re interested in donating to future postpartum packs, click here.