The #LactPact hashtag is one of solidarity, we ask when parents posted images of human milk whether nursing or pumping they use the hashtag in celebration of the sovereign act that is lactation. This act of fellowship invites us to connect our collective awareness of this human experience and allow it to become an empowering tool to stand united against bias and the historic mistreatment of Black women.

Contents of LACPAC

The purpose of the #LactPact is to gather data that substantiates the need to invest in lactation. We hope that the data reflects a more proactive and comprehensive approach to lactation. We’d use the information to collaborate with health agencies that generally provide women’s wellness services. The information would be used to provide more insight regarding the need for lactation-specific professionals, especially of color in our communities to effectively combat disparities.

LACPACs should be distributed during gestation to provide the expectant parent the most benefit. The LACPAC contains tools and a resource guide to help individuals feel confident when engaging in their lactation journey. Individuals that participate in the #LactPact project would receive the resource kit for free. We’d check in with parents two weeks prior to their expectant due date, before two weeks postpartum. We’d also conduct a five-question survey between the 6-8 week mark, then at approximately 3,6 and 12 months.

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